Are you looking for something with a little more structure? Trying to play matches against opponents around your skill level? Want to know where you stand against the other tennis players on island? Join the Tennis Ladder!



Singles Winter Ladder 2021 – 2022


•Email Mark to sign up:

•10 weeks of challenging players to move up the ladder

• Play an estimated 2 or 3 matches a week

• Non-members can join, but usual non-member rates apply for the Bubble

•Join at any time, but late-comers will start at the bottom of the ladder

•The ladder is not gender specific

•Your USTA level does not matter

•Ladder standings will be maintained in the vestibule of the Bubble

•Additional match rules and challenge rules to be sent out to all participants


Singles Early Spring Ladder 2021 – 2022


• Same as the Winter ladder, but in a bit warmer weather, and with some tweaks to improve upon the Winter Ladder.